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Keeping it simple, let’s say your market is 3 million people. Combine that with a national average of 25 “YES” leads per million, and that’s 75 “YES” leads per month.

On the conservative side, we’ll say your closing rate is 5 percent.

That’s 27 closed leads per year, which averages out at $180,000 per year at a $5,000 per case value.

After deducting the annual cost of your leads, that leaves an ROI of $108,000…or $9,000 per month in profit for you. Yes, that’s an average of only $120 PER LEAD. Compare that to the average cost using traditional advertising in excess of $250 per click!!!

Maybe you have different numbers, which is likely. Try out our handy pricing calculator to get a more accurate ROI.

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Created by legal industry experts, we understand the challenges that firms face when sourcing or generating quality leads that they can trust.

We’ve helped countless major law firms sustainably grow their practice to new levels with efficiency and we can certainly help you!

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5 ‘Hidden’ Lead Generation Secrets 95% Of Personal Injury Attorneys Aren’t Using

Most firms struggle to find consistent, qualified, and high-value leads …and often, when they do, they cost a small fortune. As we all know, leads are the lifeblood of any thriving firm but too often, they are using worn-out tactics that lead to frustration. Soon they get that nagging feeling that you didn’t become a lawyer to spend all of your time learning how to “hack” marketing.